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Move into the age of agile cybersecurity! 

Discover our innovative and agile solutions at competitive prices to guarantee your company's cybersecurity.

Certification and governance

Achieve ISO 27001, HDS and SecNumCloud certification while remaining agile and accelerating innovation

ISO certification and agility


Manage and automate your cybersecurity effectively with our outsourced SOC solution

ISO certification and agility

Training and


Develop real cybersecurity skills and raise awareness among your employees

More than 140 customers rely on our cybersecurity solutions 

ISO certification and agility

An agile approach to innovation

Flexible, automated and reliable solutions

We offer an agile approach to achieve certifications, such as ISO 27001, SecNumCloud and HDS. We support you inauditing, training and implementing appropriate security solutions. Our aim is to provide a flexible, agile certification solution specifically designed for SaaS and data management players.

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Towards autopilot certification

Outsource your compliance and get certified in 6 months!

Focus on your core business whilewe take care of your compliance. In a short space of time, we provide you with a high level of cybersecurity consulting to help youachieve certification.

There are two possible options: a project manager to accompany you to certification, or an outsourced RSMSI who will pass the certification alongside you.

ISO certification and agility

Creation and management of your security policies and procedures

Outsourced RSMSI or project manager throughout certification and maintenance

Risk management and safety action solution

Awareness solution , testing of your employees

Certification and audits integrated to the solution

ISO certification and agility

Simplify your certification with our GRC software 

With this GRC software, you'll have no trouble owning and maintaining your compliance, building a consistent management system and tracking your compliance.

Simple, reliable and automated, this tool will be your ally in your certification process.

Choose your repository

Quickly assess your organization's security maturity

We invent tomorrow's cybersecurity solutions for SMEs and startups

Managing your cybersecurity: our solutions

Pentest and Audit

Our approach will help you identify vulnerabilities and strengthen security in the long term.

Risk analysis

Use our method to identify, assess and deal with risks that could have a negative impact on your business.

EAGLE outsourced SOC

Your dedicated remote operations center to guarantee your cybersecurity.

Improve your cybersecurity with EAGLE

Discover our comprehensive EAGLE security solution for SMEs: all security functions on a single platform (SIEM, EDR, HIDS, SOAR).

Don't wait any longer to detect and respond to threats effectively, analyze your data in real time, manage incidents and vulnerabilities, and generate reports.

ISO certification and agility

Intrusion detection - XDR

Log analysis - SIEM


File monitoring


Detection of vulnerabilities


Incident Response

Anti-virus and anti-ransomware

Control of system configurations

Control of system configurations

Develop real cybersecurity skills

> Boost your career by improving your cybersecurity skills.

> Mobilize your staff and raise their awareness of information security issues

Phishing and awareness

Benefit from an easy-to-adopt sensitivity and attack simulation tool

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Get trained in cybersecurity and earn accreditations to boost your career.

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Cyber Club

Discover our platform dedicated to cybersecurity intelligence.

Immerse yourself in a world where our experts share their advice, answer your questions, and keep you informed of the latest cyber trends through articles. 

ISO certification and agility

You don't have to take our word for it.

Our customers give you feedback on their cyber projects and ISO certification with agility.

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ISO 27001 diagnostic

Quickly assess your organization's security maturity.

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