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Achieve ISO 27001 in 6 to 12 months while remaining agile

What type of approach are you taking?

Project mode coaching

A project manager accompanies, trains and guides you every step of the way. You remain in control, and your CISO is trained for ISO 27001 certification.

🚀 Ideal for companies wishing to retain their autonomy in ISO 27001 certification as well as its maintenance.

Offer details

  • A project manager throughout the 27001 certification process
  • Support of documents, contribution of templates
  • Support and training in ISO 27001
  • E-learning 27001



  • Full policy and procedure support
  • ISMS Software
  • The cybersecurity platform that covers 100% of 27001 compliance

Outsourced compliance

Your certification is totally outsourced. Your external CISO leads the projects and implements the solutions to obtain ISO 27001 certification.

🚀 This service is designed for companies who want to focus on their core business and spend as little time as possible on certification.while being sure of obtaining ISO 27001.

Offer details

  • The outsourced RSMSI handles all actions
  • Implementation of policies and documents
  • Implementation of the ISMS Software
  • Passing the certification



  • The implementation of a cybersecurity platform that covers 100% of 27001 compliance

Quickly assess your organization's security maturity

How does our ISO 27001 coaching service work?

Project management

We set up the management tools you need to monitor the project, compliance with the standard, and the progress of documents required for certification.

All these management tools are available in your Monday access at any time and shared with your management.

Project Management

An external project manager or CISO dedicated to your company will manage the entire certification process alongside you. In addition to the training provided, he or she will help you plan the project and manage the complex stages. He or she will then answer any questions you may have about this type of project.

Fixed-price support through to certification

We take charge of your ISO 27001 support right through to certification. Our service is predictable and sized at the outset of the project, so we can carry out the project on a fixed-price basis.

Fundable Training

Our support services include training programs that are eligible under the training plan and can be financed by the OPCO.

Highlights of our ISO 27001 support


Full support from a dedicated project manager or an outsourced CISO


Safety expertise to deploy protection measures and analyze risks.

The process

A structured 6-step process with simple methods to facilitate certification

The training platform

Access to our E-LEARNING platform on standards, cybersecurity and RGPD

Safety solutions

Security management solutions and a global security platform for 100% compliance



Document templates to meet requirements adapted to your context and your company

The new 2022 version of ISO 27001

At the end of October 2022, a new, improved version of ISO/IEC 27001 was published.

The improvements concern both form and content.

> There has been a change in the presentation of measures, attributes and metrics through mergers and additions.

> A new chapter has been introduced, focusing on the notion of safety targets versus measurement targets.

> Measures are now organized around four themes: organizational, human, physical and technological.

> In addition, a list of attributes is added to measures, so that they can be grouped according to these defined attributes. The aim of these new attributes is to make the standard more flexible, so that organizations can create their own views to present, filter or sort measures according to different audiences or perspectives.

If you're certified and want to make the transition, we can tell you more here .

What are the impacts on your organization?

A more accessible standard

May Webinar: How to implement an innovative cybersecurity approach with Stellar Compliance?








Detailed description of ISO 27001 support and services

We've created an integrated offering that can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

  • Rely on an expert to ensure project success, guarantee deadlines and save money
  • Benefit from best practices and models that can be adapted to your business
  • Learn in a short time the organizational knowledge and skills to implement your project.

Project manager or outsourced RSMSI

You can choose between two modes of intervention: project manager mode, which guides your teams towards certification, or outsourced RSMSI mode, which pilots and passes certification alongside you.

In both cases, weekly follow-up and training sessions are scheduled.

Compliance and certification management

Throughout the support process and after certification, you have full access to all the indicators you need to manage your project. You have access to a dedicated area that includes the overall security action plan, monitoring of compliance with standards (27001 and Appendix A), and tracking of mandatory documents.

Compliance software

We implement our global solution for the management of the information security management system. Our software covers all the functionalities necessary to follow the ISO 27001 certification: risk analysis, security governance, internal audits...Our software covers all the functionalities necessary to follow the ISO 27001 certification: risk analysis, security governance, internal audits ... The perfect tool to follow the certification and maintain your certification with simplicity.

Security platform

This safety platform enables you to comply with the standard with a single solution: you secure all your company's assets: workstations, servers, cloud infrastructures...

Document management

We provide our customers with prepared models and training.

Each training session on security policies or good security practices includes an explanation of the models or tools to be used.

After a practical implementation on your side or with our help, we will validate the documents, policies or procedures realized.

Testing and phishing

We carry out the annual microlearning and phishing tests for all employees during the first year to to prepare for certification.

The training

Our training is operational throughout the project. Our company is accredited by the OPCO for the financing of continuing education. Training sessions last 2 hours and take place on a weekly basis. Our training enables you to design, implement and maintain your your ISO certification project, and maintain your current certification.

Independent security expertise

We provide our customers with expertise in security and ISO certification at key stages of the project, such as initial scoping and risk analysis. Our security expert works with you to determine a realistic action plan. In addition, we offer independent advice on the choice of security solutions and the implementation of open-source security solutions.

Obtaining the certification

We carry out mock audits and prepare you for certification by recreating official audit conditions. We accompany you during preparation sessions to familiarize you with the audit process.

Training space

We provide our customers with an E-learning training space that provides the basic information needed to succeed in the project.

We also provide customer-specific awareness training at any time during the project.

The options of our accompaniments

🚀 Document management

Included in the outsourced offer

With this option we create the formalization of the mandatorydeliverables, all you have to do is validate the documentsand and analyze the risks.

🚀 The safety platform

Setting up the platform is an option that can save you time and resources in the compliance process. With our platform, you gain access to 100% technical compliance with market certifications. You have the option of hosting it, or entrusting us with total security supervision.

🚀 Our ISMS 27001 software

A veritable security database, the ISMS solution enables you to pass certifications with great agility. We offer our customers operational maintenance and supervision of the solution.

Why choose the agile approach of ISO 27001 certification?

Starting from real risk

The main purpose of the standards is to put in place the organization and management necessary for information security and not to achieve an identical level of security for all companies.

The level of security sought must be consistent with the business challenges and objectives of the company.

Start from the existing

Without imposing ready-made practices on you, we will build an action plan in line with management guidelines, based on actual risks. Our approach will be to help you achieve a level of safety in line with your objectives.

What you need to comply

Implement a management system that provides the "just enough" to be compliant, without striving for perfection. Companies aiming for perfection in terms of certification put in place systems that weigh down their organization.


It is essential to be independent of the certifier from the outset of your certification. It's up to the company to decide on its approach and its security program. Many auditors come from large groups, and don't have the pragmatic approach needed by small and medium-sized businesses. That's why it's important to have the right experts at your side.

Why choose us? 

A high level and high value added approach

Certified expertise in information security. Our consultants hold the following certifications: PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27 001 Lead Implementer or ICA ISO 20000 in Information Systems

Over 15 years' experience in certification coaching.

A pragmatic approach for SMEs

Beyond obtaining certification, we work to help your organization progress and integrate your ISMS into your business.

We bring our vision of agile organizations focused on solving real problems and implementing simple and compliant processes.

The ISO 2701 standard

Discover our documentation on ISO 27001

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FAQ ISO 27001

Discover the most frequently asked questions about ISO 27001

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ISO 27001 certification

Discover our documentation to understand ISO 27001 certification 

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Our commitments

Guarantee of results: ISO 27001 support through to certification

Cost guarantee: Flat-rate support at no extra cost

S kills guarantee: 27001-certified project managers with CISO experience in digital SMEs

S ecurity expertise and RGPD: Accompaniment by cybersecurity experts and data law experts.

Guaranteed availability: Unlimited access to our support and rapid replacement in the event of force majeure

Agile approach to standards: Adapting to the existing situation & providing what is just right for the company

You don't have to take our word for it

Our customers give you feedback on their ISO 27001 certification process.